Thursday, September 9, 2010

Adobe Flash Player Download

-= UPDATE =-

Nice try, Adobe. I notice that now the links depicted in the image below now simply refer you back to the main install page for Flash and other players.

Click below to obtain the installers for Flash without the Adobe Download Manager.

Adobe also provides links to previous major releases of the Flash player, and a link to a Flash uninstaller for those times when it needs to be manually removed.

We can't live without Flash, now can we??


Blippitt said...

Just had this same thing happen to me. It really drives me nuts that they do that, AND they want to bundle in a free scan of your PC if you're not careful.

Anonymous said...

I got this last night and I forgot to uncheck the dame scan software. RAGE!!!

Suhail Baig said...

Back Ground Color was not good .

Darth Continent said...

Suhail: I changed the background, hope it looks a bit better!