Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mars Won

"We made it, guys! We've arrived on Mars!"

Trekking to the Mars One habitation facility...

"Let's see... ok, guys, it's a few kilometers away. Breathe easy and let's move."

Meanwhile, at Mars One headquarters back on Earth, budget shortfalls are apparent.

"Hey guys! I see it, look, it's the habitation facility!
Mmm hmm, tasty oxygen, fresh-frozen rations, here we come!"


"What. The. FUCK."

"It looks like Woodstock, only without the chicks, weed, and beer."

"We are SO fucked right now."

"Well... let's scrounge for oxygen and supplies. Surely there must be some up here...?!"

Meanwhile, at the Mars One launch gala in Las Vegas...
"Enjoy the ride, suckers!"

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