Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Long Live the Classic Start Menu!

At work, I have finally received a brand-spanking new Dell Latitude E6410 laptop, complete with Windows 7 Pro.

I'm certainly loving the speed so far. As you might expect, stuff that seemed to take ages with XP goes blazingly fast under 7.

But, what's this?? Where's my beloved CLASSIC START MENU???

Apparently, Microsoft believes that since time marches on, all Windows users shall march in cadence with it. Some fanboys, too, wonder why all us holdouts don't simply drop the crude old Classic start menu altogether.


While I'm certainly happy for those who've enjoyed the new start menu, I for one would much rather keep the venerable Classic menu. I'm accustomed to it, I'm comfortable with it, and frankly, I don't really see a real need to switch.

works for me.

Along those lines, I've found ClassicShell. The creators of this add-on compatible with Windows 7 allows users to once again have their Classic start menu available.

Please, don't get me wrong, I'm certainly all for innovation and efficiency. However, is it truly more efficient to force users to become accustomed to a new start menu, and eliminate one that a significant number of users have been comfortable with for years? 

Isn't it more innovative to allow users to maintain their own customizations and preferences, despite changes in the underlying operating system? Personally, I'd like to keep my grubby paws on the Classic start menu as long as I can, because frankly I don't care to explore the new start menu which Microsoft slaps upon Windows 7 users.

In my humble opinion
, Microsoft would do well to ensure that their underlying OS works like a charm, and leave users to enjoy the preferences that they have come to enjoy, nay, expect, from their products.