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Friday, October 10, 2008

John McCain Gets Personal... with a Libertarian?!

I'm SOOO excited!!!!1

I received a letter in the mail recently from John McCain! It had his name at the top and EVERYthing!!!

"Dear Friend,"
Why, hello, friend John McCain!

In the past you have served as a valued and trusted member of our Party."

Uhhh, wait a minute now...
I'm a Libertarian!
I've been one for over 15 years...!

"...the RNC's records indicate that you still remain on the sidelines and have yet to respond to appeals to stand with us in our fight to prevail over the Obama Democrats."
Well... duh! C'mon John boy, I've NEVER supported your party!

"I am asking you to please get involved NOW."
Uhhh... NO??

"I would not ask for your help
if the circumstances were not so dire."

Owning 7 houses and 13 cars... sure, that's dire...

"But the alarming truth is, if the Obama Democrats win the White House and retain control of Congress, they will have total control of the federal government."
ZOMG, srsly???!

The little faux-handwriting blurb reads...

"By using your own first class stamp to return this envelope,
you will be helping us save much needed funds. -- Thank you."