Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Elon Musk: POTUS 45, But With Money

Last night, Chief Twit Elon Musk apparently decided my latest main Twitter account needed a permanent suspension, with no reason given. Suspension was made days after his tweeting to the effect that Twitter's typically draconian ToS enforcement would be paused while some mysterious committee is on his to-do list to create.

Musk's hypocrisy in claiming to "free the bird" and declaring Twitter a safe haven for free speech is now crystal clear. Most of my tweets are gone (conspicuously those popular ones critical of him) but a few linger, which I'm sharing here. Each screenshot links to various cat ass trophy merch on Amazon, which I invite you to browse in thinking about the upstanding, bloated, would-be oligarch who's too much of a bitter little snowflake to withstand criticism.

First, some background, a screen of my late account profile, R.I.P. I do not abide the MAGA cult, their "leader", nor people like Elon who are similarly deplorable.

Next, from earlier this year, a jab at his stupid comparison of Canada's Justin Trudeau to Hitler, of all people.

Back in May I called him out for having quietly paid hush money to a SpaceX flight attendant whom he allegedly sexually harassed. Naughty, naughty!

Last, but not least, as far as little Elon is concerned, the left-leaning group Occupy Democrats called out Musk rolling the notion of restoring Donald Trump aka POTUS 45's Twitter account, long after previous CEO Jack Dorsey squeezed 45 for all he was worth ad revenue wise like the proverbial turnip. This, until it was unavoidably clear it'd be bad press to just continue letting him off with slaps on the tweet in the form of various warnings about misinformation accompanying his, well, misinformation.

To wrap up, a couple more tweets which thanks to Elon Musk will be seen anew, despite having been censored just days before the 2022 midterms. 

First, the Republican-in-name-only schemes to destroy Social Security and Medicare in the U.S.

Finally, me with wordplay for the University of Florida's recent, unanimous decision to pick Republican Senator Ben Sasse as president. There were vigorous protests on the UF campus and notably the administration restricted protests of any kind indoors, which is telling and speaks to how broken today's U.S. political system truly is. 

I've been faced with disagreeable people many times in my online travels. Musk is the latest and surely not the last. I see what he's doing, and I hope others see it too. He has money and power but fortunately lacks the brains and drive and passion to become the information technology overlord he fantasizes becoming while hitting his bong in his new Twitter onesie. 


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