Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reddit-Headed Step Child?

Once again, Reddit has suffered a temporary meltdown.

CAPTAIN'S LOG, LAGDATE 6/24/2011... A brief emergency read-only mode last night, duplicate comments, sporadic 502 and 504 errors, and the occasional overloaded notification. Things bode ill for the weekend, but stay tuned.

Condé Nast Digital, parent company of Reddit, is one of several corporate entities owned by Advance Publications, Inc., a communications and print conglomerate.

Featuring among its ranks major sites like Wired, Vogue, Ars Technica, and others, many Reddit users, myself included, find it hard to believe that a site with upwards of one billion monthly pageviews seems to not get the creddit it deserves, in the form of infrastructure, staff, and just plain funding.

In short, why is Reddit seemingly Condé Nast Digital's red-headed step child?

Granted, since the diggsaster some months ago, Reddit has had an influx of new users which perhaps outpaced its anticipated growth. Further, Reddit recently dealt with some issues attributed to Amazon's Elastic Block Service (EBS) as well as a failure of a server which hadn't been updated to benefit from the redundancy of RAID. 

I really enjoy Reddit, it's a great site to find news, interact with people, and throw out horrible puns without threat of being stabbed with a narwhal tusk. Uptime, however, hasn't been it's strong point, so here's hoping things improve with help of some new and returning staff

Every site has issues occasionally, but given enough squeaking, the wheel gets greased...

ToCondé Nast Digital
     Advance Publications, Inc.

From: The Reddit Users

RE: Grease


UPDATE (5/6/2011): Another emergency downtime for most of the day, preceded by sporadic 0 / 502 / 504 errors and apparent database corruption (including misdirected comments and private messages) in addition to the usual sluggishness around midday EST. Eep!

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