Friday, December 3, 2010


Ahh, Christmas, the time for presents, tasty food, and ruminating on the memories of days when Santa Claus really existed outside mere childhood imagination.

For the cheapskate who's always wanted to dabble in aromatherapy, and because "road aromatherapy" or "road rage smells like Christmas" didn't seem catchy enough, I present ROAMATHERAPY


  1. Go to your local live Christmas Tree seller. This might be your local supermarket with trees and wreaths out front, or some guy selling these out of a tent along the roadside.

  2. Grab a discarded sprig of Douglas Fir. You also could ask nicely, but I doubt the seller would mind if it's already fallen away from the tree.

  3. Using Duck™ tape, a chip clip, or a convenient crevice between the vent and the dash, secure the sprig so that hot air from the vents wafts across it.

  4. Turn on your car's heater. Akin to the principles used by various aromatherapy diffusers, the pleasant aroma of the Douglas Fir is expressed from the plant material into your car's interior.


If your memories of Christmas are gloomy or nonexistent, hopefully this will bring you some of the Christmas cheer I associate with the holiday that is far more enjoyable than its rampant consumerism.



Kc~Heart Blossom said...

Great idea! Firs smell divine.
Happy Holidays :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your name for this. Roam-atherapy ... LOL I have been doing something like this for years. when I go to collect the cuttings or get them to cut them fresh for me and make wreaths, I would always pile up the cuttings in my back floorboard and the back of me jeep. No need for a heater blowing on them as I was in Miami Springs, Florida. If anything I would bundle up a handful and hang it somewhere on the dash. But I am in NC now and will definitely use your idea for my jeep, up here.

Thanks so much for jogging my memory! I just love the smell. Merry christmas, Darth Continent. I will add you to my favorites.

Darth Continent said...

KC and Anonymous: Thanks, glad you enjoy it! For me the aroma of fir has helped remind me of the good times, even when times in the present aren't going so well. Hope this will do the same for you!

Anonymous said...

Other ideas in the same vein:
Put loose pine needles in a muslin or paper tea bag (they sell them empty) or in a sock or nylon. Use a clothespin or binder clip to secure it in the car.
Holiday time is a good time to place orange peels and cloves or cinnamon in the tea bag or sock as well. And maybe a candy cane or stick of peppermint gum as well.
Valentine's Day you can use rose petals.

Karen Mead said...

I love this - and while I'm an aromatherapist, I think you are so on to something fun. If you're in Santa Fe- wouldn't sage be great?
Plus "Roamtherapy" is brilliant!

Darth Continent said...

Karen, thanks! I'm by no means a professional so coming from you that means a lot!

KurlyKath said...

GREAT! One heck-of-a-lot better than scented this, that & the other that consist of chemicals & actually are Bad for us ! ! !

High Five for Natural scents!!!

Thanks for this. Kath