Friday, November 6, 2009

Getting Off God

Why would God frown upon humans using their bodies in every conceivable way, especially if God created these possibilities in the first place?

Assume for a moment God exists and did indeed create everything.

That means we were created according to Its grand design. This means that some women, for example, are double-jointed and incredibly flexible (Giggity!). It also means that anything conceivable we do to ourselves is enabled by God's design.

Since the cartilage of our ear lobes can be pierced, we can adorn them with earrings. Since our skin holds dye, we can give ourselves tattoos. This also means that since we can manually pleasure ourselves, we can masturbate.

If God indeed created these and so many other possibilities, painful as well as pleasurable, why presume these are wrong based upon the limited vision of those "inspired" by God to write Scripture, which has been interpreted to make many such activities sin?


Anonymous said...

If you're a certain irrational type, you won't be skeptical about whether the authors of the scriptures were truly inspired. So you won't have any further doubts. Case closed.

If you're a mainly rational person and think about it honestly, the answer is clear: God wouldn't have a problem with his creations playing with their parts. But then, you wouldn't believe in God in the first place.

The interesting question is (assuming that scriptures were not divinely inspired; merely human): Why do humans invent these rules and self-degrading concept of sin etc anyway? IMHO, I suspect it's a mix of gender power game and employing guilt-inducing tactics to control others.

Unknown said...

if god didnt want us to masterbate, then he would have given us shorter arms