Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Crags of Kythkythpar

Friday, February 12, 2016

Monitor Doesn't Wake Up

My venerable old ViewSonic VA712b LCD monitor developed a problem where it wouldn't turn on after having powered off due to inactivity.

ViewSonic VA712b

Pressing the on/off switch did nothing, the only workaround was to unplug the power supply for 5-10 seconds and then reconnect it. This would only work maybe 1/3 of the time, so it seemed clear the AC adapter was dying. Fortunately this monitor's power supply is an external "brick" type rather than integrated into the monitor itself, so that makes it much easier and less expensive (a replacement AC adapter costs under $20).

Brick AC adapter for ViewSonic VA712b

When seeking a replacement AC adapter, be careful in selecting one. Read reviews and pay attention to the detailed ones that give good detail and not just a one-liner saying how great it is. Some cheap ones from China, for example, are poorly built and in some cases produce a LOT more heat than their OEM counterparts.  


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Clickbait, Social Media, and You

Clickbait tickles your curiosity with some wild and crazy idea, and invites you to click to find out the "whole" story.

Seems innocent enough, right?? Except, it isn't

When you share clickbait and encourage your friends and connections on social media to explore that deceptive site, you're in effect becoming a mouthpiece for the owner of that content. 

Facebook will be banning all posts expressing religious beliefs? Seems legit. Bill Gates will give you $5,000 just for sharing a photo? Sure. Obama rebuked by a former Navy SEAL? Right. One thing many of these have in common, you might notice, is that you're invited to click on a link which takes you to someone's website, or Facebook page associated with a website which invites you to visit.

Once there, mission accomplished as far as the website owner is concerned. 

They have lured you in, and in doing so, subjected you to a barrage of ads, ads which make them money. Your visit to a site set up with various advertising means money for them. Your sharing that clickbait with your social media connections means even more money, especially if that content goes viral. Given that you've lent your credibility to it by sharing it with people you know, that is entirely too possible.

Do yourself, and your social media connections, a favor. Search before you share. Use due diligence and check your facts, because what someone else tells you is truth may turn out to be utter crap designed solely to spread lies and make that someone advertising revenue.